Two New Lipsticks

My makeup routine is quite simple these days, in fact I realized I hadn't bought any new products for quite sometime so I thought I would spice things up and try out some new lip products. I've said before that I'm quite a fan of lipstick as you can do a simple makeup look and with the right shade of lipstick. You look as if you've put way more effort into it all.

My major downfall is I buy a new shade of lipstick telling myself that I really need it. But in actual fact, they all just end up sitting in the bottom of my bag. But all that said, I really do love these two I just picked up. And here's to changing my ways and actually using them more often because they really are great.

Something a little different
Revlon ultra hd matte lipcolor when I saw these at Clicks I thought they sounded interesting and would give it a try. Considering that they're actually metallic I wouldn't have normally tried something like it, but I found myself really liking the formula, and I ended up getting the shade HD Glam. It's definitely got a velvety sheen to it but not over the top at all. It's long lasting with just the right amount of shine and it doesn't dry your lips out!

My new staple
I was pleasantly surprised that I loved this Revlon Lipgloss, technically it's more of a lip tint. But either way it's lovely. I've never really liked lip glosses but this one has won me over. It's definitely a lazy day go to, when you're in a rush or just not in the mood for too much fuss. Pop some 0f this on and you're good to go. The smell is pretty heavenly and it's really moisturizing. It gives your lips a pigmented glossy finish. 

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