Styling Your Bedside Table

I've been wanting to share this post for quite some time. I'm one of those people that loves organizing and rearranging things. I find it quite soothing, and while your bedside table isn't the most exciting thing ever, you do see it every morning and night! It's a great way to start styling your space. 

I like to keep my bedside table tidy and pretty - I wouldn't classify my style as minimal but I do like to keep things neat and not too all over the place. 

The Essentials 
Every beside table needs a lamp and books. Apart from providing light, the right lamp adds a real feature to your room. Choose a lamp that adds the right height to your bed as well as one that fits your bedroom style. 

There's nothing better than an array of your favourite books on your night stand. Not only does it look cute but they're nice and close when you're in the mood for a read. When choosing your books pick ones that are uniformed and will look good together. 

Good Scents
Every bedside table needs one or two good scented candles. For a calm and relaxed space choose scents that are fresh and soothing. Something like a mild floral scent is always great. 

Foliage & flowers
There's something magical about having a bunch of fresh flowers in your house, but it's not something I often I have in my room. So when I don't have a vase of flowers a good alternative is foliage. I'm always drying eucalyptus and I love putting it in little jars and vases.

I never thought I would be one for trinkets. But here we are and I'm very much for it now. Layering objects, such as a little jewellery dish on top of a book adds varying height and brings some dimension to the nightstand. Choose objects that make you happy, whether it be a sentimental pair of earrings, a rose quartz or a little pottery dish. It personalizes your space and adds something a little extra.

Switch things up
I'm always rearranging my space and my beside table is no different. Switching things up is always fun and you often find new ways to utilize your bits and bobs. And while it's always fun to buy a new candle or book, changing things around does a pretty good job too!

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