2 Summer Essentials

Before I know it I'll blink and summer will be over. So I've been trying to get my tan time in before that happens, but I also try and not spend too much time in sun (points scored for being good to my skin ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป) I'm anything but a pro when it comes to self tanning, I'm still trying to figure it out honestly. But this summer I've come across two products that really give you that effortlessly glowing skin.

Caribbean Tan Shimmer CreamI'm sharing this one first because it's my absolute favourite! It's a self tanning cream, that gives your skin a lovely bronze glow. I struggle to get my legs tanned so this product is great to apply when you're looking pale. It comes off when you wash it off, so it's perfect to use when you've got an event or party to go too. I find this such a useful product to use when you're not actually tanned as it gives you that shimmery glow without having to self tan or bake in sun. 

Love Your Skin: Extreme Moisture, Illuminating Lotion - I found this one by chance in Woolworths. I didn't think much of it at first. But I've found it such a useful lotion to have for summer. It's a really nourishing cream that gives your skin a subtle shimmer. It doesn't bronze your skin or give it a tanned look but it definitely gives it a shimmer. I find this one great for using when you've already got a tan. It enriches your skin while adding a shimmer to the tan you've already got.

Let me know some of your tips for keeping glowing all summer long! x

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