Bed Bath Body: A Local South African Brand

You know when you find a brand or product that you're instantly in-love with? Well, it was like that for me when I found Bed Bath Body's Instagram page. So you can probably imagine my excitement when Lisa approached me about doing a collaboration. I was thrilled to say the least, and even more thrilled when I received a package full of their delightful products. 

Bed Bath Body is a family run business  based in KwaZulu Natal (random fact I lived in Natal for two years) They stock a range of scented candles, kitchen decor items as well as other body care products. One of the cool things about the brand is that it has a real authentic feel but it's also pretty trendy. I loved all the packaging the products came in, I also loved that it had a very personal touch. You could clearly see a lot of care went into the package, their little card was really cute.
I've been doing a little research about veganism, and although I couldn't do it overnight, one of the alarming things is how many brands test on animals, Bed Bath Body does not test on animals.  I find it pretty cool when you can find a great brand with great products that practices beauty without cruelty. Their products are also paraben free which is also great. 

I loved that all my products had a lovely scent. Scents are a big thing for me, you don't want the scent to be too overpowering but you also don't want it smelling like nothing. I'm also really into candles at the moment and I can't wait to put this cute one to use this winter. I also really loved their body oil, I imagine it would be great for massaging but I actually plan on using it for my legs come summer. I found it gave my skin great glow. 

Their scented diffuser also came with a lovely ceramic holder, which I absolutely love, it's amazing. I dipped the reed sticks into the perfume and then placed them in the holder. I usually find that I'm quite sensitive when it comes to diffusers, I had no allergic reaction to this scent. And I was left with a lovely scented room.

I've been obsessed with  Aesop body products for quite some time, thanks Pinterest. But sadly they're not exactly in my price range, I'm really happy that Bed Bath Body products fill that void quite well, their products are also pretty instagrammable, which is important right? Do yourself a favour and check out their website, I'm willing to bet by the time you leave your shopping cart will be quite full! They have a lot of new things coming as well as a new website, keep your eyes peeled.

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