Highlighter Roundup

If you know me you'll know I love highlighter, it's a fact. I'm always after that dewy glow. I've got quite a few favourites in my makeup stash, so I thought I would share three newer products that I'm really enjoying.

Topshop Cream Highlighter in Gleam - Topshop's makeup packaging is so pretty and this cute little pot is no exception. It's wonderfully creamy in texture and blends so smoothly into  your skin. It also gives you that dewy finish. The colour is a beautiful champagne, and it gives your skin a gorgeous healthy glow. A little dabbed on your cheekbones and brow bone will immediately give you that effortless makeup look. I can't recommend this product enough!

Topshop Highlighter in Crescent Moon - I don't think I'll ever love a highlighter as much as I love Mac's Soft & Gentle Skinfinish, but this pretty shimmery peal highlighter from Topshop is pretty great. It's more subtle in glow compared to soft & gentle, but the lovely peachy sheen is just perfect for a more natural look. I'm also pretty smitten with the packaging.

H&M Halo Illuminiser in Champagne Gold - This product is a beautiful shimmery gold and it really brightens and awakens your skin. It gives your face a fresh radiant glow. Because it's quite thick, it actually works wonderfully when mixed into your foundation and gives your skin a great glow from within. If using in on its on just dab a little on our cheek bones and blend it out. 

Are you highlighter obsessed? Any I should add to my collection? 

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