5 Steps For Clearer Skin

As the years have gone by, good skin care has become really important to me. When I was younger I assumed that as I got older my skin would clear up, and although that has somewhat been the case I realized that blemish free skin often has to do with what we put on our skin and what we ingest. Clear skin isn't some quick fix. It takes time and care but with some simple rules to guide you, it can most certainly improve your skin. I do however realize that not all skin problems can be fixed with these simple tips, so be sure, consult a dermatologist if you're experiencing serious skin troubles.


This one might sound simple, but it's so important. Make sure you are cleansing your skin thoroughly with the right cleanser for your skin. It's so important to rid our skin of the day's makeup, dirt and oils that build up. I don't like using makeup cleansers, so I just wipe my face with a warm, wet face cloth and then I thoroughly wash my face with a cleanser. Exfoliating twice a week can also really improve your skin, it helps with dull skin and gets rid of dead skin.


The foods we eat play a huge part in how our bodies and skin respond to it. Sugar and fats are two foods that seriously mess up our skin. Although clean eating is not an easy challenge, it is one that really does pay off in the end. Not only will it improve your skin but you'll find it helping in so many other areas of your life and body.


An easy way to make sure your skin stays hydrated is to drink lots of water. Try keeping a bottle filled of water with you at all times.  


This is another step that should not be neglected. We should all moisturize regularly. I know that if your skin is on the oily side you might not see this as a necessary step but it's quite the opposite in fact. Oily skin is just the result of build up and dehydration. So choosing a moisturizer that is designed for oily skin will really help your skin. Also try filling a spritz bottle with water if you struggle with dehydration. It can also really help in improving dehydrated skin. And if your skin is dry and flaky choose a product that will also help in bringing your skin back to life. If you don't moisturize your skin starts to produce excess oils which clog your skin.


This step is really important to me. I have seen such huge results with my own skin when I have regular facials. Exactly how often you will need a facial depends on your skin type. Every person's skin is different and reacts differently. I find having a facial every 5 to 6 weeks gives my skin the best results.

I think the thing to remember is that perfect skin isn't going to appear overnight and being constant is the best thing possible. It's a process one that starts from inside - food and our mindsets. 

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