3 Perfect Shades of Nail Polish

I like a really good shade of nail polish just as much as the next girl, but to tell you the truth nail polish gives me some serious rage. One bad coat or a streaky finish and I turn into crazy person, who talks to her nails telling them to dry with smudging, I know crazy right. But with some patience and a really good nail polish, I can achieve those perfect nails. So I've rounded up three nail polish shades that work well for me. So if you struggle with nail polish rage like me, but are still crazy enough to keep trying, test these three out. 

I'm always on the lookout for those perfect nude shades. I just love them. When ever I'm at a drugstore my eyes wonder the shelves for a perfect nude.

After quite a few flops I stumbled upon Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Bamboo Shoot. Its a pretty pale pink shade, it's really great because it's not a heavy pink. It's lovely for a summery look and looks great on long nails. I do find that it takes a while to dry, so just give it time. Also be sure it let the nail polish dry a little between layers. I like to do three coats for more of a opaque look, but if you want some of your natural nail colour to show through, two coats would do the trick. The consistency of Sally Hansen nail polishes are usually quite runny so I find it rather easy to apply. It also has a nice size brush, which helps to keep those streaks away. 

Another great shade which I'm sure you've already heard of is Essie's Ballet Slippers. It's a classic milky pink. It  has a whitish look about it. I find when applying it, it can be a bit streaky. But with careful and less brush strokes you can get around this. I did find however that the brush wasn't so great, it's a little small and quite hard to apply with,. I've heard that this shade is one of Essie's best sellers, and its quite easy to understand why. It's a lovely shade, natural and very feminine. 

I'm still on the look out for that classic tan nude, but I came pretty close with Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in Bare it all. It's more of a peachy beige rather than a normal tan colour. But I really enjoy it. It's so easy to apply and suits my skin tone rather well. Like my Sally Hansen's Bamboo Shoot it's got a great sized brush which really helps when applying. Overall I've had no issues with this shade.

Three shades really aren't enough for me, so if you have any favourite nude shades please do let me know. 
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