Mini Jane Iredale Haul

Jane Iredale makeup products can be tricky to get your hands on here in South Africa, and when you are able to find them they usually break the bank. I recently found out about a Jane Iredale supplier here in Cape Town, not only did I get my package couriered right to my door, all their products are discounted prices, do to the fact that most of their products are testers. If you don't mind a few marks or some slightly used products, its absolutely great. You're getting top quality products at such a reduced rate. I've purchased quite a bit of stuff from them, and none of it has disappointed, the packaging is all in tack and none of my makeup has been damaged. I've found it hard not to get carried away and order everything on their product list! 

One of the biggest reasons to buy Jane Iredale products is the fact that their makeup is all mineral as well as natural. A big bonus for people with skin irritations and sensitivities. I thought I would share some of my  Jane Iredale products so far.

So-Bronze 1: I have been little hesitant about bronzer in the past, if not applied properly it can look rather awful. That's why I figured I would start with a Jane Iredale bronzer, as it less harsh on your skin. I wanted to go a for a more pinky brown shade but they didn't have in stock, so I settled for this shade. I don't wear it every day but I find that when I do, I really enjoy it. It gives a bit of definition to the face as well as a bit of sparkle.

Purepressed Blush in Barley Rose: I spoke about this blush a few posts back, read here. I love it, it lasts all day long and gives your cheeks a fresh pop of colour without looking to over done. 

Purepressed Eye Shadow Triple: I was really keen to test this eye shadow out, and although I love the shades I was quite disappointed in the pigment. There was a lot of fall out and the eye shadow itself didn't stay on very long at all.

Purepressed Blush in Cool Cranberry: I really wanted to try out more of a mauve colour blush. Although the supplier doesn't have all the new colours in stock. I picked this colour off what I had told them I was looking for and just googled old Jane Iredale swatches. I love the colour, it's quite dark so I don't wear it every day but I really enjoy it.

Makeup Brushes:

Deluxe Spoolie: The Deluxe Spoolie Brush is used for grooming eyelashes and brows. It can be used with any of there mascaras, PureLash Extender & Conditioner and PureBrow Gel.

White Fan Brush: The fan brush is very soft and great for applying blush and bronzer. It's easy to use and clean.

If you're interested in purchasing any Jane Iredale products or viewing their price list, email the supplier here at
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