Interview with Carly Gulino May

Carly Gulino May is a blogger from Sacramento, California. She blogs about relationships and dating from a Christian point of view. I reached out to Carly awhile ago asking if she would be willing to do a guest post with me, I'm so thrilled she said yes. So sit back grab a cup of tea and soak up Carly's thoughts and advice!

1. Firstly thanks so much for being willing to do this guest post with me. For everyone reading this could you just share a bit about yourself and your life.

I am from California. I am a wife and a mom. I just had my first baby in August, a little girl! I grew up always wanting to be married and practically drooling over all things LOVE! Haha.

2. When did you first start sharing on relationships and what encouraged you to start?

About a year ago I began blogging about my journey as a single who was longing to be married. I started it for a few reasons. I had singles contacting me just based off the pictures of Seth (my husband) and I on Instagram, saying how encouraged they were that they too will end up married and in love. And I also I wanted to find a way to help bring hope to singles who were wanting and longing to be married. I know how it feels. I was there.

3. Were you ever reluctant to being so open and honest to such a public network?

I actually wasn't. I am naturally a very open personality. I pretty much wear my heart on my sleeve, so basically if you are around me you will know if I am happy, sad or mad.. lol

4. Looking back at your past relationships, what would you say was the biggest thing you learned?

I would say I learned to find my value and worth in who God created me to be. That I didn't have to be someone I wasn't in order to have a guy like me. I finally figured out how to value myself.

5. You’ve spoken about letting go and trusting God, what did that process look like for you?

It was a long long process. I think God does things in layers so it was not something I figured out over night. Actually there were many nights of tears and talking to God, being upset, feeling hopeless, having another broken heart. But I believe in the raw place of being real before God, you are actually continually running to Him. It's in that place where you pour out your heart, and complaint to Him, but choose after pouring it all out to say, "You are good and I trust You" that you have peeled away another layer to be closer to fully trusting God. It's like David did in the Psalms. You might have those moments for months, or maybe even years, but eventually one day it all just clicks and suddenly I poured out my heart to God about another broken heart, wiped the tears from my face, chose to trust Him that He holds my future.. And that was it. The layers were all gone and I was at the core of my heart in the palm of His Hands.

6. Through past experiences what would you say helped your relationship with God the most? 

I think that when we don't get everything we want with just a blink of an eye it causes us to press more into God. We have a choice to run to Him or from Him. When I would run to Him my relationship of trust in Him would just continue to grow. So meaning, because Seth didn't just drop into my life at 19 years old when I wanted him to, it helped me to create a leaning into God and running into His arms to take care of me and my future. When we have everything we want in life a lot of times we forget about God because we feel we don't need Him.

7. What practical advice would you give to young people who are looking to seek and honour God in their relationships?

I think a few things, try to live out 1st Corinthians 13. Secondly, listen to that still small voice. It isn't always a big loud voice booming from Heaven telling you what to do ;) A lot times its in the stillness that we hear His whisper. When you hear that, follow it. We honour God by obeying His voice. Lastly, honour Him with your body. Your body does not belong to another until there is a covenant before God that you both have made to each other. You honour God by waiting to give yourself  to someone and you honour your significant other. If you have felt like you haven't fully honoured God in your relationships, its okay! That is the beauty of serving a God who forgives us and casts our sins as far as the east is from the west. If He doesn't remember them anymore, neither should you. Don't live in shame and guilt, live free!

8. How did you come to fully know your worth in God?

By spending time with Him. Allowing Him to love me and speak His worth into me.

9. A lot of people find their security through relationships, what would your advice be to   them?

The only constant thing in life is God. Boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives.. They all fail us at times. If your security is in having a boyfriend/girlfriend you will be severely let down at some point. I eventually got to the place of loving life single. I don't need to be in a relationship to be fulfilled. I was pursuing friendships and passions I had in my heart to do.

10. Now that you are married, have your ideals and views changed on marriage and dating?

Haha, YES! Marriage is amazing, don't get me wrong. But it is real life. it isn't an episode on the bachelor. Our society has created so much fantasy around romance and love. Yes, Seth and I have romance in our marriage. But we also have real life. We have arguments, we have hard days, jobs, financial decisions, dirty diapers to change, car problems, crying baby... Life isn't always glamorous. But it does make all these things beautiful when at the end of the day I crawl into bed and lay next to a man who chooses to love me even in the ugly, and who I choose to love. That is more beautiful than any episode of the bachelor.

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Hope you all enjoyed my interview with Carly. Once again thank you so much Carly!
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