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Two New Lipsticks

My makeup routine is quite simple these days, in fact I realized I hadn't bought any new products for quite sometime so I thought I would spice things up and try out some new lip products. I've said before that I'm quite a fan of lipstick as you can do a simple makeup look and with the right shade of lipstick. You look as if you've put way more effort into it all.

Styling Your Bedside Table

I've been wanting to share this post for quite some time. I'm one of those people that loves organizing and rearranging things. I find it quite soothing, and while your bedside table isn't the most exciting thing ever, you do see it every morning and night! It's a great way to start styling your space. 

I like to keep my bedside table tidy and pretty - I wouldn't classify my style as minimal but I do like to keep things neat and not too all over the place. 

2 Summer Essentials

Before I know it I'll blink and summer will be over. So I've been trying to get my tan time in before that happens, but I also try and not spend too much time in sun (points scored for being good to my skin 🙋🏻) I'm anything but a pro when it comes to self tanning, I'm still trying to figure it out honestly. But this summer I've come across two products that really give you that effortlessly glowing skin.

Easy Peasy Chocolate Brownies

Nothing says I love you quite like a warm batch of brownies, whether you plan on spending time with a loved one or binge watching Friends, brownies are never a bad idea right?

Festive Gingerbread Cake With Salted Caramel Frosting

It's that time of year again were everything feels festive and Christmas music is playing everywhere. If you're looking for some Christmas baking inspiration then look no further, this layered gingerbread cake with salted caramel frosting is perfect for the festive season. 

Avène Skin Care Routine

I've taken a little break from posting here on the blog for personal reasons. But I'm getting back into the swing of things and hoping to post more regularly. I thought I would start by sharing my current skin care routine.

Copper & Blush Homeware Wishlist

I absolutely love anything in blush tones at the moment, especially when paired with copper or rose gold. I have to stop myself from wanting to buy everything in the colour. So seeing that copper and blush is my go to colour scheme at the moment I thought I would put together a little homeware wishlist. Let me know what some of your top picks are, enjoy browsing.